The Benefits of Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing

Multichannel marketing


A sales and marketing professional, Justin Bumann has over 15 years of experience managing direct response advertising campaigns. Working with national brands and entrepreneurial startups, Justin Bumann employs strategies such as multichannel marketing to spread awareness of new products or services offered by his clients.
Consumers today have more options as to how they receive information. They can opt for newsletter subscriptions, text messages, emails, or catalogs. They can choose which television shows to watch, which websites to visit, which newspapers to read, and even which YouTube ads to watch.

Multichannel marketing is the practice of reaching customers through a variety of communication channels including direct and indirect, as well as online and offline channels, allowing them to make purchasing decisions using their preferred communication mediums. For example, a company can develop different ads for digital print, social media, radio, and television, allowing it to reach its customers wherever they are and on whichever digital device they are presently using.

Multichannel marketing offers businesses numerous advantages. It allows them to tailor their messages for different channels. For example, short urgent messages are best suited for text messages, while longer messages may be better suited for email. It also gives businesses a variety of channels to reinforce their message rather than using the same channel to repeat the message, which can ultimately annoy consumers.

One disadvantage of multichannel marketing is that it can be difficult to attribute conversions to a single communication channel; put another way, it is not easy to accurately measure the success of each individual marketing platform, though analytics can be deployed across all channels to the appropriate measurements and analytics.