Direct Response Advertising – Key Terms

Direct Response Advertising  pic

Direct Response Advertising

Justin Bumann brings over 15 years of experience to his role as a marketing and advertising professional. Specializing in direct response advertising, Justin Bumann assists clients with strategic planning, implementing cutting-edge technologies, and performance analysis.

Direct response advertising is intended to not only provide information but elicit specific and measurable responses, such as requesting information, visiting a website, or calling a call center. Its key terms include:

1. Conversion rate. The percentage of people who respond to an ad campaign and then become customers.

2. Demographics. Household data typically collected by the U.S. Census Bureau, such as level of education and income.

3. Modeling. A statistical technique used to determine the specific pieces of data that will best predict customer behavior.

4. Return on Investment (ROI). A measure of the success of specific direct-marketing activity calculated by dividing the net profit resulting from an ad campaign by its total cost.

5. Target Marketing. Marketing that is aimed at a specific individual or group, as opposed to mass media.

6. Response Device. Typically a lead form or call, the response device identifies the prospect number and the offer made.

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