The Benefits of Social Media Analytics

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Social Media Analytics

A Cum Laude honors graduate from the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota, marketing professional Justin Bumann serves clients in both local and national advertising markets. Justin Bumann has over 15 years of experience analyzing performance metrics across a variety of media channels, including social media.

Social media analytics (SMA) involves the collection and evaluation of data from social media sites, primarily for the purpose of understanding real-time consumer actions. This data can then be used to enhance a variety of business functions, such as marketing and customer service, to maximize the customer experience

Social media analysis gives users access to an incredible amount of consumer-initiated information regarding products and services such as how products are used, the consumer’s views and experience, as well as any issues identified by users, which can also include effective solutions. The comprehensive understanding of a product or brand gained from this information, and how they can be improved, gives companies a distinct competitive advantage.


Potential Lead Generation Trends for 2017

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Lead Generation

A graduate of the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota, Justin Bumann is a professional in the direct response advertising industry who provides consultation services to companies of all sizes. For 15 years, Justin Bumann has worked with startup clients as well as Fortune 500 companies to help them develop strategies in areas related to sales and marketing, such as lead generation.

The term lead generation refers to the strategies that companies use in order to attract the attention of desired demographics that have a high potential to become customers through targeted advertising. In 2017, industry experts are predicting that several trends will influence the way that companies will successfully execute lead generation strategies.

First, experts anticipate that many of the most successful companies will look to update the online contact forms that potential customers use to indicate interest in a company’s products or services. These forms have gone through a very limited transformation in the last 20 years, and major companies like Hewlett Packard have already seen increases in leads through refined online contact forms.
Secondly, new technologies that allow for marketing automation may take precedence over the manual strategies that many companies currently utilize.

Lastly, advertising on podcasts may present companies with an ideal opportunity to broadcast their products and services to targeted audiences based on podcast topics. Some companies may even go so far as to develop their own podcast series to the benefit of customers, thereby increasing brand awareness and interest.