Search Engine Optimization – How It Works

Search Engine Optimization pic

Search Engine Optimization

As a marketing professional, Justin Bumann draws on an in-depth knowledge of integrated media techniques. Justin Bumann understands the role of search engine optimization as a way of increasing a company’s visibility online.

A working knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to any company’s ability to attract its target audience online. SEO is the process by which a search engine selects those websites that it presents first when a user conducts a particular search. The search generates an algorithm that evaluates the data that it has on each website relevant to that search, and this algorithm prioritizes those websites that it views as most worthy of the reader’s attention.

In general, the most important factors in the SEO process are reputability, popularity, and interest. The search engine will prioritize those sites that have unique content as compared to other similar sites, as well as those that have links to reputable websites or positive reviews from consumers. Links can also help a site to drive traffic and thus prove the popularity of the search engine.

The engine discovers all of this information through the use of a web crawler, which explores each site for key elements. These elements include potential search terms and other text elements as well as good working links. The crawler then sends this information to a scoring system, which determines the site’s priority in comparison to others.


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